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About ziftrCOIN

ziftrCOIN is an innovative new altcoin designed to onboard the next 10 million cryptocurrency users and bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream. When used in Ziftr's merchant network, each ziftrCOIN will have a $1 minimum redemption value, functioning similarly to a coupon.

As part of our strategy for bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream, we've created a simpler mining process that allows individuals with all levels of mining experience to mine ziftrCOIN either solo or in a mining pool.

To get started with pool mining, follow these steps:

1. Go to www.ziftrpool.io and download a ziftrCOIN-Qt wallet with Stratum Pool support

2. Open up your ziftrCOIN-Qt wallet and click the Mining tab

3. Under "Type," select "Pool Mining"

4. Enter the Pool Server URL, Port, Username and Password (you can find all of this information above)

5. Click "Start Mining"

Helpful Links

Ziftr homepage: www.ziftr.com

ziftrCOIN homepage: www.ziftrCOIN.com

ziftrCOIN Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/ziftrCOIN/

ziftrCOIN Twitter: www.twitter.com/ziftrCOIN

If you have any questions about mining ziftrCOIN, we recommend checking out the ziftrCOIN support page, submitting a new post on the ziftrCOIN Reddit or emailing us at info@ziftrCOIN.com